Where on Google Earth? – WoGE #365 UPDATED!

Matthew’s WoGE #364 took us far out to South Georgia and on the Neumayer glacier – a phantastic example of rapid glacier retreat due to changing sea water temperatures. As you might immediately see from my image, I want to take you to a more comfortable area, but with some nice geology, too. Here’s the quiz: 

WoGE #365 – click on image to enlarge

 The rules:

  • Find the location of the image below.
  • Provide the coordinates in the comments and describe the geological significance of the spot briefly.
  • The first one to fulfill theses tasks is the winner.

The benefits:

  • Everlasting Fame.
  • Fun.
  • The honour of hosting the next WoGE on your blog.

The drawback:

  • You will likely spend some time looking for the right spot. Well, some say this time could have been better used for writing a thesis, a paper, a proposal or a nice letter to your grandma.

No Schott rule invoked. If you want to know more, read Felix’ summary.

Update (2012-12-11)

It looks like it was too hard, so here’s a hint:

Click on image to enlarge

Who was it?

Christoph Grützner
works at the Neotectonics and Natural Hazards Group, RWTH Aachen University, Germany. He likes the Mediterranean and uses geophysics to search for ancient earthquakes.