Where on GoogleEarth? WoGE #290

I found TannisWoGE #289 more or less by accident, just having a quick look and suddenly realizing that I am in the right area. It was more difficult to find some literature about the Bomapau and Kiriwina Islands. A great area, very high seismicity and a complex tectonic situation. Seems to be a fantastic destination for holidays as well, all those beautiful atolls must be great for divers. I set up a new one now, and as I think it’s rather easy I do invoke the Schott rule (sorry, Ron and Felix): “Previous winners must wait at least one hour for each win that they have before posting a solution – other comments are okay”. Posting time was 07:43 UTC.

The general rules are simple: Find the location, provide coordinates and describe the geological feature in the comment. A list of all former WoGEs can be found at Felix’ blog.

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Who was it?

Christoph Grützner
works at the Neotectonics and Natural Hazards Group, RWTH Aachen University, Germany. He likes the Mediterranean and uses geophysics to search for ancient earthquakes.